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About Us

A Few Words

About Us​

We Are A Charitable Organisation Which Uses Sports, Education, Arts And Community Participation To Help Individuals Achieve And Become The Best They Can Be. Ghazali Trust Has Been Helping Individuals In And Around Oldham To Become Productive Citizens Who Make A Positive Contribution To Their Communities By Helping And Supporting People Through A Wide Variety Of Mediums Such As Mentoring, Education And Sport.

We recognise and value the impact that individuals within communities can have on their local young people, therefore we will recruit local volunteers and co-ordinators to help support people in our communities.



Our mission is to empower and enable individuals and communities to be the best they can be, raise aspirations, remove barriers, link need to opportunity and enable people to be proud to belong to the Oldham community.

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We Have Been Running A Whole Range Of Different Educational Classes For Over Ten Years Now For Most Age Ranges. All Our Courses Aim To Foster Inclusivity Into Its Learning Environment.



Application Of Knowledge Learnt In Step One To Help Bring Out A Positive Personal Change In One's Own Life, Then In One's Families Life And Then The Wider Community



A Number Of Outreach Initiatives Using Workshops Sports And Arts To Help Increase Interaction With People In Communities And Bring About A Positive Impact In Their Lives.

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Always helping to nurture a healthy and active community, don't hesitate to contact us at any time.