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Connecting With Nature

connecting with nature

Connecting with nature

A new initiative; Connecting with Nature which connects people of all ages to nature and the natural environment. The health-related benefits of spending time in nature are thought to include improved attention, cognition, sleep and stress recovery.

The aims of the project are:

-Getting people out and connected to nature,

-Create more greener local environments.

-Grow our own food.

-Establish an ethic of care for our environment.

-Increase awareness and understanding of taking care of plants and green spaces.

-Improving community health through increased time in nature.

-Inspiring young leaders by training and empowering youth.

-Get some exercise in beautiful outdoor environments. Improve mood and well-being while absorbing nature's marvels and healing effects.

We offer local communities the opportunity to experience places of natural beauty first hand and iobserve the positive impact spending time in nature provides. Often, too many people face practical challenges in accessing the countryside and places of natural beauty and we are committed to changing that. Most of our communities care deeply about the world in which they live and it’s important that we listen and respond in meaningful ways.

Many families have never had the opportunity to explore the outdoors. This could be for any number of reasons: the cost of travel, perceived barriers or simply lack of awareness. This on-going project will help people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the fun there is to be had in the great outdoors.

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