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To develop the capacity and skills of the members of the community of Glodwick and its environs we have set up many projects to promote good citizenship and greater public participation. Therefore here are some of our projects that we have had in the past.


Clean glodwick

Clean glodwick is a cleaning project where we all try to clean in front of our houses and behind our houses in the alleyways on a fortnightly basis.


Tread Lightly

A cycling initiative based in #Oldham to get more people fit, mentally and physically healthy from diverse backgrounds. Making cycling more accessible for everyone.


Covid Wellness

#CovidWellness’ focuses on sharing inspirational stories, tips and ideas from our community to help everyone better manage wellbeing & mental health during covid-19.


Connecting With Nature

A new initiative; Connecting with Nature which connects people of all ages to nature and the natural environment.

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