A community project

Clean Glodwick


Clean Glodwick

The #CleanGlodwick initiative is led by Glodwick residents. The aim is for everyone to take ownership in cleaning the immediate area where they live. Everyone cleans the front of their houses and the rear alleyways behind their house on a fortnightly basis.

Every Sunday at 2pm, residents clean the space around their own homes. Volunteer street coordinators help to facilitate and support to improve the appearance of the neighbourhood for everyone.

You make all the difference

Cleaning makes all the difference for you,  your loved ones and your community. When you get out and clean your own front door you are making a difference to the lives of those whom you love.


The challenge

Regular Cleaning Every Fortnight

In order to have a permanent and lasting affect in our local community #CleanGlodwick takes place every two weeks and this helps to change the culture of cleaning and to ensure that the area continually improves which helps to provide a better environment for everyone who lives there.

The results

Over 250 Volunteers!

It is important that everyone gets involved and takes ownership of their block.

We have come a long way but there are still alot of improvements to be made. Collectivley our aim is to from #CleanGlodwick to #GreenGlodwick


The solution

Resident-Led Campaign To Inspire & Motivate

Clean beautiful streets are pleasing to everyone who lives there and there is no reason why this cannot be achieved. Everyone in Glodwick wants to see their street and area beautifully clean for themselves, their children and families. This is something that can be easily achieved when everyone works together.


Ready to get your doorstep clean ?

Join the effort and get your neighbours involved. Everyone around you wants the same for their doorstep. It just takes one person to motivate everyone to make a change!

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